It is with deep sadness that Brisbane Convoy for Kids must advise of the passing of our patron John “The Ferret” Moran on Tuesday 28th July 2020. At the request of family who expressed their wish for some private mourning time, we did not share this news with everyone.

John “The Ferret” Moran O.A.M. is the undisputed face of Convoy for Kids in Australia. He is a Life Member of Convoy for Kids Sydney, patron of nine other convoys around the country (including Brisbane’s) and is the event’s National Ambassador. He, together with David Gaurdron, Robin Hunter, Kevin Prescott and Mark Yabsley formed a working committee back in the early 90s and started what has now become the Australia wide movement of Convoy for Kids.

You will read many tributes to this man. Yes, everyone within the transport industry new of his passion for Convoy for Kids and related convoys. Yes, everyone knew of his love for “my Darling Wife” Margo. What a lot of people didn’t know was his love for making his own jewellery, his massive hat collection and his great pride in his family.

I was once told “Us Brambles drivers are a pretty unique mob”. This summed up John to a “T”. His friendliness with everyone, his willingness to tell a story to anyone who stood still long enough to listen, his loyalty to his friends, the fact that he was always the first one in on any shenanigans along the highway, he devoutness to Margo, his undying love for his family. He was a gentleman who always had a smile on his face.

The committee (both past and present) of Brisbane Convoy for Kids would like to pass on our condolences to Margo and John’s family.

You will be missed John, by all whose lives you have touched in some way. Your legacy will live on, both with your family and the Convoy for Kids movement.



Meeting Date : Sunday 9th August

Time 10:00 am

Address: 8 Leslie Street Kallangur 4503.

from Coral Stevenson Secretary

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